Tuesday, 20 December 2011

It's only fair

This morning was almost like a rehearsal for Christmas Day in our house.  It is youngest son’s birthday and last night he had the traditional birthday sleep-over. 

At 4.30 this morning there were 3 boys awake and bouncing on the beds.  My darling second child had already unwrapped his cards and presents from his friends.

“It’s only half past four!”  I sternly admonished them.

They pleaded innocence to the early hour.

“Back to bed and back to sleep!”

I switched off the light leaving the loft in silence and went back to find my own duvet in hope of getting a bit more sleep myself.

Seven o’clock is a far more respectable hour but I managed to convince them the Lego needed tidying downstairs before we even contemplated opening more presents and making more mess!  Thus giving myself a few extra minutes in bed before reluctantly getting up and dressed.

We had a birthday breakfast this year to capitalise on the fact his birthday falls in the school holiday.  Next year it doesn’t.  It also gave us a chance to catch up with our close friends before we scatter to celebrate Christmas with our families.

Now when his big brother was fifteen, only eleven days ago, I wrote a post all about how wonderful he was.  In the spirit of fairness I suppose I had better write a glowing report about youngest son too!

What can I say? 

He is lively, determined, argumentative, extremely bright, creative, persuasive, practical, sometimes helpful, often challenging and amazingly loving.  He is great at solving problems but asks the most awkward of questions.

Some of his characteristics have come straight from his dad and at other times I can see so much of me in him it’s frightening.

He knows EVERYTHING there is to know about Star Wars and Lego.  Merlin and Dr Who would also be excellent specialist subjects for him if he went on Junior Mastermind – I really need to find out how to apply.

As a baby we called him Limpet as he was very clingy.  He still is my most demonstrative and tactile child giving lots of kisses and cuddles – but only to his mother.  It is those kisses and cuddles that have frequently sustained me and I treasure our closeness.  Even yesterday as we shopped for today’s breakfast goodies he held my hand.  Having someone to physically hold when you have lost a husband is a precious gift.

So now my youngest is twelve, a big boy at secondary school.  I am pleased with the way he has settled in to this new stage of his life.  Andrew always worried so much about him but he is growing up and facing many different experiences admirably. 

I am proud of him beyond words and truly blessed to have both of these very special young men in my life.

There was no time to make him a cake this year but here is a picture of the Wise Man T-shirt I made him for the nativity.  He was Isaac Newton and with some help from his friends he wrote their part of the script Talented beyond belief - did I mention how he takes after his mother!!!

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