Tuesday, 13 December 2011

To tree or not to tree…?

Well I’m beginning to feel Christmassy.  I was even wrapping a few presents earlier.

There used to be a time when I would wrap in the evenings nearer to the big day, boys already tucked up in bed, under the twinkling glow of the tree lights.

However as the boys are getting older and their bed times are steadily overtaking than mine I have had to be more cunning to hide their surprises and get them ready between the school hours of nine and three.

Today I wrapped with the obligatory Christmas movie playing in the background (a borrowed copy of Martin Freeman in Nativity – I really must return it but thought I’d watch it just once more...a recommended seasonal treat.)

But there are no sparkling lights up yet.  We haven’t got the tree out of the loft.  I can’t face lugging the thing down stairs and the hassle of fitting the heavy pieces together.  That was one of Andrew’s Christmas jobs and he didn’t have that many to do. 
The arrival of the tree in our house was always dependent upon his work shifts but generally we tried to leave it until after oldest son’s birthday and if possible the same weekend as the Christingle service.

Well those dates have passed and I’ve been considering NOT having the tree up at all.

The boys helped decorate the BIG Christmas tree at church last week.  Today I did a much smaller one in the church shop window.  Maybe we have had our “festive fix” for the year.  We are going away for Christmas anyway so why bother?

“Shall we put the tree up or not?”  I asked the boys.

“I don’t mind.”  Shrugged youngest son, he’s so laid back.

But oldest son was taken a back at the suggestion.  “We can put it up at the weekend.”

So maybe I’ll get some help with the heavy lifting after all, allowing me a chance to once more unpack the box of baubles and memories.
I can’t wait!

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