Monday, 5 December 2011

The Joys of Monday Morning

Many years ago a group of us started walking on a Monday morning. I joined in half-heartedly for a while until other things got in the way. Housework seemed more pressing, I volunteered to read at school, my boys were at a different school and I couldn’t make it to the right school gates in time, there was always something else to “do” or feeble excuses to be made.

A few months after Andrew died I made a decision to re-join the group and it has been one of the most positive decisions I have made. It gets me out of the house, into the fresh air and gives me some much needed exercise.

There can be as many as eight or nine of us and up to 4 dogs! In the holidays it was us, plus dogs and kids – now that was fun!

If you had told me, an ardent non dog lover, six months ago that when I got my NEW car I would let people in with muddy walking boots and DOGS I wouldn’t have believed you. Andrew would have snorted at the suggestion! Oh so much has changed. I now willingly let my four legged friends jump in my car as we drive off to another walk, preferably somewhere near a café with outdoor seating.

Last week I missed my walk as I sat at home in my pyjamas feeling sorry for myself full of cold so this week I was determined to make an effort despite a lingering sniffle. As I laced up my walking boots I got a text, due to more coughs and colds, an MOT and a hair appointment most people had dropped out. Did I still want to walk?

I rang my friend straight back, “Yes please!”

It was nothing too adventurous but then we are fortunate to live near the sea, although the beach was much too bracing today, there’s also a good trail in the woods nearby. 
Our walk blew away the cobwebs and we felt virtuous sat in the café for tea and cake afterwards.

It really is the perfect start to the week. 

Oh how I love my Monday mornings!

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  1. What a perfect positive start to the week! My dog and I have our own 'private' beach where almost noone else goes... heaven!