Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Christmas is coming… the socks are getting thin

In our house you can tell it’s getting near Christmas by the state of our socks.  I sat matching them up yesterday in despair.

Oldest son has this annoying habit of unravelling his from the top down. He sits watching TV idly winding bits of thread around his fingers. I have on occasion found a stash of fibres curled up and stuffed down the side of the sofa along with the TV remote.

Youngest son takes after his mother and is heavy on his feet, wearing out the soles first.

They both used to have a full set of days of the week socks for school; predominantly black or grey but with different coloured toes for easy matching.

Oldest son sorts his own clothes out and pays little attention to wearing the correct socks on the right days but I still take pride in laying youngest son’s socks out for him – warming them on the radiator in winter.

He no longer has a pair for Friday and last weekend there was almost a full scale panic as he informed me that all of his Star Wars weekend socks have holes in. It would appear that even Darth Vader is not immune and cannot stop the unravelling with The Dark Side of Force.

So Santa if you are reading this I know it must be time for you to call because we are in desperately in need of new socks to keep our toes warm this winter. Can we request some extra pairs this year; I don’t know why the last batch didn’t wear so well.

But Christmas is coming
And our socks are wearing thin
Can we have some new pairs
To put our cold toes in?
We don’t mind if they are stripy
Or ones with dots or spots
But we’re desperate to replace
All the holey ones we’ve got!

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  1. This made me chuckle! I have a thing about buying pyjamas at Christmas - so I can measure how close the day is by how short son's PJ legs seem to be!