Thursday, 15 December 2011


Time for my monthly visit to the GP today.  You may remember last month I wrote about the choice of music played in the waiting room.

We have progressed from the lovelorn Carpenters to some Christmas tunes, although I’m sorry to say even these seemed a little dull and lacking in festive sparkle.

You can’t please all of the patients all of the time - never mind, I was called in quickly and didn’t have to listen for long.

My “chat” went well as we discussed how I was doing and being organised for Christmas.  Somehow the conversation moved on from buying presents to buying clothes.  I had bought myself two new dresses on my recent Christmas shopping trip and it transpired that we have both recently purchased the same Laura Ashley dress!

My GP has such excellent taste.

We extolled the virtue of the wonderful machine washable fabric and the amazing cut and style which makes the wearer look a million dollars.

(I just need somewhere to wear it now.)

As I was about to leave she said, “Shall we make it two months before you see me again?”

In some ways I’ll miss my monthly meetings with this wonderful woman who in different circumstances could be a close friend, although we would have to co-ordinate whose turn it was to wear the wonder dress if we were going our together.

I left with a big beaming smile on my face. 

The bits and pieces of my life are coming back together in some new notion of normality. I’m making progress.

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