Monday, 12 December 2011

Mrs Scattercash

Today was my final shop before Christmas, that’s it, I’m buying no more.  I’m pretty sure I have remembered everyone on my present list and maybe a few extra surprises besides.  It’s been an enjoyable experience searching for the gifts I hope people will love.

Now I have never been what Andrew called “high maintenance”.  I am a woman quite capable of living within my means.  With a fondness for charity shops and an attraction to a good bargain.  The one and only time I was accidently withdrawn at the bank I was mortified.

However this Christmas I’m surprised my credit card hasn’t gone into meltdown.  I’ve turned into a Mrs Scattercash – another of Andrew’s phrases.

I haven’t spent beyond my budget and I will still be a good girl and pay off the full balance – I know I am one of the fortunate ones able to do so. But I’m half dreading seeing that total figure on this month’s bill which should arrive any day now mixed in with the Christmas card cheer.

Have I been spending more than usual?  Maybe I started shopping a bit later this year?  It does seem to have come all in a rush with several shopping trips in quick succession.

In November I was too busy to do the Christmas shopping as I was spending lots on the house, tarting it up with gravel and paint, so I know there’s been extra expenditure there too.  I’m hoping that will be money well spent in attracting a buyer.

Then I bought a new telly for the playroom.  An interesting experience, the biggest purchase I have bought to date without consulting anyone else.  In my head I had imaginary conversations with Andrew about it; we egged each other on, justifying the purchase and finally going, “let’s just get it!”  A couple of clicks online and it is all so easy.

The bank balance I admit looks more healthy than usual as I had some shares to sell on the anniversary and really I should transfer it to the savings account where it is less easily accessible, for a rainy day, for my future.

My future is full of “maybes” and “what ifs”, “perhaps this” or “possibly that”.  Who knows what is around the corner.   

While I can I am trying to mix prudence with generosity. 

Mrs Scattercash?   Well maybe - but although Andrew’s shaking his head at me I'm sure he’s still wearing a smile :-)

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