Monday, 21 November 2011


Had a day off from re-ravelling yesterday in more ways than one – read the latest on unravelling-edges for an explanation – WARNING: tissues may be needed.

Anyway it’s given me a breather and chance to ponder what “re-ravelling” is all about, my mission statement if you like, my raison d’etre. 

(now why won’t Word add the little hat thingy over the “e”?  It usually adds accents – hmmmmm and blogger won't do sad faces! :-( )

Aims and Objectives of “re-ravelling”

1.       To increase my online profile, thereby enhancing my possibilities of being spotted by an agent or publisher.  (unlikely but, if you don’t try you will never know…)

2.       An exercise in flexing my writing muscles by trying out a new style.

3.       A chance to write a blog that doesn’t reduce its readers to tears on a regular basis.

4.       Continuing my story – I still feel I have so much to say and learn and share. 

5.       Potentially helping others through their own grief.

6.       This is so much fun, why would I want to stop?
The numbers above are written in order of rank, the higher the number the greater the importance. I love my change of tack with re-ravelling and if only a few people read my words then so be it. In my heart I am a writer, that’s my PURPOSE. I discovered just how important words are to me last week.

We had another clear out and booked a table at our church hall for the table-top sale.  We raided the loft and dug out all the old toys from the baby and toddler years to sell.

“You’re selling our childhood memories!”  Exclaimed oldest son.   However he couldn’t actually remember playing with most of them.  It was my fond recollections that were stirred.

What I still couldn’t bear to part with was the books.  Some with inscriptions to the boys on their birthdays and Christmas  

“lots of love from mummy and daddy xxx xxx”.

Words, words, words, handwritten, typed and printed.  Each one holding memories, expressing ideas, sharing life.  The frivolous prose next to the essential instructions all important because someone took the time to put pen to paper or finger to the keyboard.

I think that’s a pretty good purpose.  With that in mind I’m picking up the stiches and re-ravelling once again…

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