Saturday, 19 November 2011


As some have guessed the background picture for this blog is bubbles, magnified and zoomed in beyond recognition, and the picture was a bit blurred to start with!

This year I have enjoyed taking photos of the garden, watching it flourish and grow has given me hope for the future.  (Another Walk in the Garden - from unravelling-edges)

One day while I still had my camera in hand I came across the roasting tin soaking in the sink.  I had recently filled it with hot water and a generous quirt of washing up liquid. 
I will confess the pan had been on the draining board for a couple of days, languishing with well-cooked on grease from bacon or maybe sausages.  That’s the downside of having a dishwasher – not everything goes in and you still have to fill the washing up bowl and wash the really dirty stuff by hand!  Sometimes, often, OK - very often, these items accumulate into a toppling pile, especially now it is just me and the boys and there’s no one to HAVE to keep it all tidy for!

So there sat this grubby pan in need of some serious attention but the water and “Fairy” had the amazing effect of creating a rainbow display of beautiful bubbles that I just had to take a photo of before I got the scourer to it.

It’s a reminder that out of mess and pain and heartache can come the most incredible things if you keep your eyes open.

At least that’s the thought I’m holding onto as I re-ravel and put things back together.  

It’s been a tough couple of days since my parents went home.  Together with the fact I’m not sleeping well, the emotions of the last week are catching up with me and I can feel my edges unravelling again.

But for now it’s time curl up on the sofa and watch Strictly trying to unwind but not unravel!


  1. Hello Sarah! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for sharing your story with me. I have been reading through your offerings and am blown away by your courage and grace.
    I am delighted that you have reached out and that it was "re-ravelling" that enabled our paths to intersect. I look forward to sharing many Wednesdays with you.
    Kat x
    PS When I used to work full-time, a colleague used to describe Wednesdays as "hump day", which perplexed me greatly. Then she explained that it was like the crest of the week, so that Thursday and Friday were like the exhilarating downhill slide to the weekend. That had some logic! I really enjoy the opportunity to pause on a Wednesday, as it's sort of the middle of my weekend and also marks the only time I have the house to myself.

  2. Hi Sarah - I love that you have moved from 'un' to 're'... seems apt and I hope it helps you like the last blog obviously did. Love the look, the title and your writing... and, if you find the Jedi mind trick doesn't work to help promote it - you could try Twitter!
    Sharon X