Sunday, 27 November 2011

Happy Birthday Andrew!

Happy Birthday Husband
I wish you were still here
You'd be here beside me 
And I'd whisper in your ear
I'd bring you tea in bed
A crispie cake or maybe two
A token of just how much
I totally love you
The boys would jump up on the bed
Youngest one so wriggly
You'd be tickling him of course 
And making him all giggly
Oldest son now grown so tall
He'd see you eye to eye
I miss you every day my friend
Once more you've made me cry
But on this your special day
When you would have reached the big five-oh
You're in my heart
I love you
And I want the world to know!


(youngest son has just wandered in and is lying beside me as I type "it's a good poem, half of it rhymes!"  Praise indeed.  His dad would be so proud of us all!)

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  1. oh what an awesome God cares for us all and gives us strength to carry on despite the Sarah teach us how to pass that Love all things Praise the Lord.