Thursday, 10 May 2012

Borrowed Words

I make no apologies that today’s words are borrowed and not my own. On unravelling-edges I was forever quoting song lyrics, the words that got me through the tough times. 

Song lyrics have always meant a lot to me. I remember writing down meaningful lyrics with friends while at sixth form, a bit of a teenage obsession really, each of us searching for the perfect words to express our adolescent circumstances.

And then there were the lyrics Andrew and I would quote/misquote (deliberately) to one another. They will forever remind me of us.

Just recently I’ve been thinking I could do with something new to listen to in the car, maybe it’s a sign of moving on, things changing, never static. There has been a slight shift in my thoughts of late, a turning over of a new page, potentially a chapter?

When out shopping yesterday I spied the new Keane album - Stangeland. As I have all their previous offerings I decided I needed to complete my collection and I wasn’t disappointed when the first words I heard were…

Fearful child have faith in brighter days
Stay until the darkness fades away…
… you’ve got time, you’ve got to try and bring some good into this world
Because you are young.

…and these were the other lyrics that touched a nerve and soothed a rough edge here and there.  As I listening I imagined they were written with me a mind, little 3 minute messages of hope.

… I see the landscape change before my eyes
The features I’ve been navigating by
No, nothing looks the way it did before
I don’t know where to look, or what to look for…

… we’ve been disconnected somehow…

I wish I could be your journey’s end
But you were only passing through…
Just say you’ll watch how you go
Be gracious with your light
And may the years be kind…

The things that we have shared
Will still remain behind now.

… your whole life lies ahead…
… when the world is laying you low
Why don’t you let me carry your load?

Golden light lies ahead
It’s just around the bend…

… Girl I still believe in you
You’re too good to fall so low
We’re going to find a better life I know
Things will be clearer
And soon as we make a start
We’ll be that much nearer
We’re too old to just stand here
Waiting to break apart.

… Some days set your world on fire
And some days sink like stones
That’s when your heart will cry out
Until your body is numb
And the night will try to tempt you
But the day will come…

… Things are going to change you know
The battles you have fought won’t go to waste you know
Things are going to change, it just takes time

"It's a very emotional album. The title track is about setting off in a certain path in life and thinking it's going to go one way, but finding out life's taken a detour. Pretty much every song on the album is about that. (But) it's a more hopeful record than it might sound!”

That was a quote from Tim Rice-Oxley pianist with Keane and it probably expains why the words mean so much to me, my life has taken a pretty dramatic detour.

To me the lyrics are amazingly hopeful, it's a beautiful album with not a duff track I feel the need to skip. I’m certain it will remain in the car for quite some time.

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