Saturday, 12 May 2012

#SatSunTails - The First Kiss

Another short story for you today which follows on quite nicely from yesterday blog about the criteria for a perfect man - how about the perfect kiss?

Now I ran away from the first boy who tried to kiss me I wonder what the girl below will do?

That's the picture prompt for this week's #SatSunTails from Rebecca Clare Smith's blog.

Story of 150 words using picture promt and including the words

“burning up your/their/our/her/his concentration”

Here's my tale which I just might contnue writing as I want to know what happens next and even I have no idea!

The First Kiss

They sat together on the wall, discarded lolly wrappers and sticks underneath their feet. The usual Saturday treat when the ice cream van came calling.

Only today there was no Simon sat between them picking at his scabby knees. It was nice to sit beside Jacqueline for a change; he caught the scent of apple shampoo in her hair and could hear her steady breathing.

Their mothers were talking in hushed tones, some grown-up crisis. His mother had been crying this morning so he offered her his hankie, it was almost clean. He’d never seen her cry before.

He really wanted to kiss Jacqueline, she was the prettiest girl in his class at school and smart too, always waving her hand in the air.

His chance may never come again to sit so close.

Burning his concentration he kissed her quick and she tasted as delicious as a strawberry lolly.

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  1. This is super sweet and I *heart* it. I like how carefree the children are with the hint of reality in the discussion their moms are having. Plus, the story fits the picture completely. Very fun story and what a fun writing prompt!