Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Scargill Scrapbook

Here are some more thoughts, memories and photos from last week.

Standing on the top of Connie Pie, might have spelt that wrong but the view was fantastic, weather glorious and company delightful!

Then there was the food, afternoon tea everyday at 4 with plenty of cake. Pineapple upside down cake and custard for pudding on almost the hottest day of the year. And a fish pie with a crumble topping, only the crumble topping was sweet not savoury - so glad I don't like fish and had chicken instead!

The road to Kettlewell
For part of the week we shared Scargill with some lads from Housing Justice, on their last night they had a camp fire and we talked about tattoos and drugs - not the conversation I expected to be having on my time away but they were great fun and added a very special dimension to the week.

A sheep I spotted while on my walk
One evening we had a film night, was quite relieved when it was Johnny English and not something heavy and spiritual. Lots of laughter in the lounge that night.

On another evening we had a sort of quiz and we sort of won! But we graciously donated our prize to a young girl who was there with her family all the way from Australia.

We were quite a multi-cultural group with a couple from Germany too.

Here's some of the work produced during the week.

One lady took a photo of everyone and pasted them on the cross.


At our celebration service there were poems, pictures, drama sketches, monologues, songs specially written and even a rap about the parts of the bodyI was so glad to be involved "innit"!

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