Tuesday, 8 May 2012

the start of something good

I was all set to write a whinging blog today – actually it is all written and filed away but how can I be sad when actually so many good things have happened…

Firstly the sun is shining and that cancels out a lot of bad stuff to start with, it’s just setting as I write a big blob of red just above the horizon – oopps I’ve looked at it too long and I have dots before my eyes now!

Today was the launch of Alison Wells' book Housewife with a Half Life. You may remember I wrote 42 words on the meaning of life the other day for a competition. Well I didn’t win that but even before the winners were announced I had already won a copy of the book by sharing Alison’s status on Facebook!

Click here to read my 42 words and their meaning to me.

And then best of all I discovered the other story I wrote over the weekend for #SatSunTails on Rebecca Clare Smith’s blog was the winner! It’s great to hear such positive feedback from other writers.

Click here to read my story Nowhere to fly… and to read about my writing in general.

Oh there have been some dips in the road today but they are best forgotten. I am trying to enjoy the journey and live in the moment.

And with that it’s time to say "night night" and go to bed with a big grin on my face! May has started off the best month of the year so far.

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  1. Yay for May! Long may the good things and grins continue! X