Wednesday, 16 May 2012

To Whom It May Concern

Well my story never made it into the Flash Flood but you have to keep writing!

At just after 2 pm I found out there was Flash Fiction Write-in. It closed at 3pm which gave me a little under an hour to get something written and posted!

There were 200 prompts which took time to look through but finally I settled on the one below which I used as a title...

It is dedicated to my friend Ann, who is the woman in the story although it is fiction and I have embellished!

To whom it may concern

I have a friend who has a knack of writing letters especially of the complaining nature. She twists her words and phrases to make her usual tirade of expletives sound almost polite. 

It pays off mostly, money off coupons land on her doormat with alarming regularity and once a huge bouquet of flowers was delivered as recompense, shame about her allergies but I enjoyed their sweet fragrance.

She is certainly a friend worth keeping with all the perks and freebies to be had. Besides would you want to cross a woman with so sharp a tongue?

Without a doubt her finest hour was coffee with manager of Marks and Spencers. There they sat putting the world to rights, discussing knicker elastic over two toasted tea cakes.

I sat in awe a couple of tables away as her voice rose and he looked flustered.

Eventually she was bought with a voucher from the man who was concerned.

“Two for ten pound meal for tea?” She gave me a wink and I followed in her wake.


  1. Delightful story! I love the playfulness of it.

    And hold your head up high, those of us who didn't make it this year will make it next year, no doubt!

    FLASH FIC N00BS UNIT!!! *special super secret handshake*

    1. Thank you for choosing me as your muse. Perhaps I should start a blog with my letters?

    2. I think a blog of your letters is an excellent idea, you can complain for England!!! hehehe