Sunday, 6 May 2012

Hoping to fly

Well I’ve been at it again - writing flash fiction that is, this time a story for Rebecca Clare Smith’s blog, a #SatSunTails in 150 words.

There was a picture prompt and the words “underneath the inconsequential” to be included.

The story I came up with is different from anything I’ve written before and I was writing on the edge of my comfort zone from pure imagination. It is an experiment and posting any writing for public viewing is always risky.

However crafting these very short stories has become addictive and the opportunities out there are seemingly endless.

There are short deadlines to spur me on and the restriction of words is a great challenge. Sometimes the shorter the better, I had to add almost 40 words to make this one reach the 150 limit! 

Meanwhile my WIP (Work in Progress – Writer speak, I’m beginning to pick up all the lingo from following other writing blogs) is not progressing. 

I do want to turn Unravelling-Edges into a book but it’s rare I find or really make the time to work on it.

Perhaps it’s the magnitude of writing a whole book that is daunting or the fact that I have no specific deadline hanging over me.

Maybe I am waiting for validation from the award I have applied to. Someone to say it is worth working on.

Just some thought for me to ponder and doubts I need to overcome to realise my dreams.

For now there’s always flash fiction and positive comments from people I’ve never met who also write truly brighten my day.

Here’s today’s story…

Nowhere to fly…

Underneath the inconsequential beat of a butterfly’s wings the air stirred, the heady stillness interrupted.

Tamsin slowly let out the deep breath she’d been holding realising she wasn’t the only living thing trapped in this place.

From somewhere came a distant memory of her real father, a kind and gentle man. He sat her on his knee and told her once if you simply touch a butterfly’s wings you take away its ability to fly forever.

Underneath her seemingly inconsequential bruises beat a crushed heart, stirring now with the plight of her fellow prisoner.

Despite knowing it was foolish even attempting to catch the timid creature she slowly stretched out her finger and waited. This time holding her breath in hope.

Her reward was as soft and delicate as a lover’s kiss.

The window deliberately didn’t open very far but thankfully just enough. 

At least one of them would fly.

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  1. Helen V Anderson6 May 2012 at 23:44

    Lovely story : but as long as you're not doing all this FF to procrastinate over your WIP?!