Monday, 24 September 2012

Distracted Monday - Chilling out after my busy week of decorating

 Oh the best laid plans and all that...

Hoped to get a blog post written today but have been distracted, mostly by twitter, and it's only half finished.

However sitting in my warm and dry kitchen, in between the tweets, I have written some fiction. First I posted another #SatSunTails story just in the nick of time and then I decided to have a go at the #MenageMonday challenge - I've never tried it before and now I've discovered it I have found out it is ending soon - isn't that always the way?

One Challenge but Three Prompts!

Nowhere - it actually says that on the signpost!  
The Phrase: “pieces of...” (this can appear anywhere in the story)

The Judge’s Prompt: story must include someone or something turning/turned to stone




I played around with the 3 prompts and came up with this...

As we drew closer to the sign Maxine laughed raucously, with that annoying little snort at the end of each bellow.
“What’s so funny?” I was struggling to breathe.  
“What do you mean NOTHING?” My hackles were rising. Since our car broke down two miles back our nominal friendship was at breaking point.
“No silly. That’s what the sign says. We have reached Nothing, in the middle of Nowhere!” She flung her arms wide like a demented windmill.
Why did I have to get stuck here with this woman?
Maxine had won this road trip in a competition and I had drawn the short straw to go with her.
“You have no family commitments. It’ll be fun!” They urged.
 I hate it when my friends get all condescending.
Sometimes I wish they would all disappear. And I wish Maxine would just stop...
My wishes were left hanging as the wind whipped them up with a swirl of prairie dust. It pirouetted in the air then all was still again.
Pieces of grit had blown into my eyes; I rubbed them away and spotted Maxine, motionless, covered in the stuff.
“Maxine?” My voice was hollow.
While she was solid stone.

While #SatSunTails prompts challenge me, taking me out of my comfort zone to a place that's often dark, these prompts led me to write in a more chatty style I have more fun with. The ending of this might be a bit creepy but I was thinking fairytale in my head.

Anyway that's just my observation for the day although I'd be interested to know what stories of mine you like reading best. I have more to ponder on this subject... another day.

For now it is time for bed, I am exhausted.

Yesterday my eyelid started swelling,

"It's just a stye," said my dad, "I've been working you too hard!"

He prescribed more rest and an early night and I am old enough now to appreciate that dad really does sometimes know best!

Night Night


  1. Bit worried for her now Maxine's a block of stone and the car's still busted!
    Glad you enjoyed a relaxing day!

    1. well maybe I'll just have to write a follow up - let's see what prompts turn up this week and how inspired I am...