Friday, 14 September 2012


     This is your home, a place of safe retreat, yet there is an overwhelming sensation that all is not quite as it should be. 

     It’s dark. 

     Too quiet.

      The door to the left is open and there seems to be an unnatural glow percolating out into the hallway.

     You move closer to investigate; all five senses in a heightened state of alert. 

     There’s no discernible taste or smell but your ears detect a sound, a crackle in the air like static electricity.

     And then it strikes with an overpowering ZAP – radioactive bolts of lightning that sparkle as they touch you.

Today’s prompt for my 100 word piece of flash fiction is my own life! I am the radioactive “thing” that’s glowing and crackling ready to ZAP you if you come too near.

At least in youngest son’s imagination there is some truth to the tale.

I have been diagnosed with an overactive thyroid and today I was given radioactive iodine to stop it working quite so vigorously.

It sounds quite dramatic but the whole affair was extremely straight forward.

I had to swallow a tablet.

No needles, no pain, no blood – easy peasy lemon squeezy – although I confess I was worried the tablet would too big, I hate swallowing tablets but I am getting better with more practice – another positive to taking anti-depressants!

So the procedure was fine and there are no real side effects to contend with.

I just have to avoid close contact with anyone for a couple of weeks or they will be ZAPPED. Not quite as theatrically as in my story but youngest son is having great fun acting out the ill effects of too much radiation!

At least my boys are old enough to understand the implications although when he's not dramically falling on the floor gasping for his last breath youngest son is already complaining about the lack of cuddles.  However my parents have come to stay and help out for a week or so and they will gladly provide the hugs. 

Looking on the brightside Dad is also going to help me decorate my bedroom while they are here. It’s long overdue a makeover.

I also get to have a good excuse for retreating, having my own space to read or write. In theory there could be more blog entries for you to read. Perhaps even some progress turning unravelling-edges into some kind of book manuscript...

Maybe it's not a complete win/win situation, I will miss those cuddles too but in the grand scheme of things it is a minor inconvenience.

Just watch me GLOW!

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