Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Five Sentence Fiction - Memories

The #SatSunTail I posted yesterday was very well received, Rebecca Clare Smith judged it to be the winning story this week!

I decided I wanted to carry on the story and Lillie MeFerrin provided the perfect prompt this week for her five sentence fiction.

You might like to read yesterday's post first but hopefully this installment makes sense as it is.


Sunlight playfully danced on her eyelids, the still air was warm on her skin but most comforting of all was the familiar floral scent.

The dream inducing drugs had taken hold, drawing Moira into her childhood playground, the meadow behind her grandparent’s farm.

Her past memories caught up with the present and she opened her eyes quickly, was her sister here too?

An angel-like girl in a white dress beckoned, “come on, let’s pick bluebells for Grandma!”

Moira hesitated, taking in the perfection of the scene she had created in her head, until a small hand reached out and tugged at her insistently - surely this was real not just a dream.


  1. I read the first part and couldn't wait to read this part. What an exciting story! I hope that there will be future installments.
    I wonder what it must be like to dream alongside those you love - to share that place with them. It must be intoxicating.

  2. This is the perfect follow up, love the idea of shared dreaming :)

  3. Really lovely, even the flow of the piece flows easily reminding me of a dream. Nicely done :)