Monday, 10 September 2012

#SatSunTails - adjacent dreaming

Haven't written a #SatSunTail for a while. Rebecca Clare Smith does like to challenge us with her sureal picture prompts and obscure phrases.

Anyway this week I was inspired to write a story with the prompt below... I hope it makes sense I could have written far more than the 150 word limit.

adjacent dreaming

His voice was a mellifluous flow of words and phrases she couldn’t follow, “electrical impulses”, “sensory signals”, “lucid dreaming”.

She gazed at a picture on the wall behind him, a meadow of bluebells in a wood. Was it a coincidence that it looked like the meadow back home?

This was the place she would dream of, where she would be reunited with Sheena for the first time since the accident. Once more running together and breathing the same sweet air. 

“Any questions before you sign?”

Grasping the pen she scrawled her signature at the bottom of the consent form.

“Your sister has been transferred from St Agnes’ Hospital to the Dream Centre and I can take you to her now. Then we can get you both wired up for the adjacent dream procedure.  You are the first twins to undergo the trial. I will be very interested in your results.”

And if you want to find out what happens next there may be another installment tomorrow...

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  1. Love the idea! Dreams can be so vivid but when you try to explain them some of the magic vanishes...just imagine being able to share them with someone, that would be amazing! And you wouldn't have to describe or explain them!