Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Littlest Room

As I wrote the other day my parents are visiting at the moment helping out with the boys while I am “radioactive” and Dad is helping me decorate my bedroom.

Now if I seriously thought I would get lots of writing done in my semi-confinement I was sorely mistaken because I have been far too busy. My dad will be 69 this December but that doesn’t slow him down, he is a bit of a work-a-holic, what we have achieved between us this week is staggering. 

I should re-iterate once again, for those who have never been to my house, that it is HUGE. My bedroom is about the size of THREE normal sized bedrooms. We have completed two thirds of the project and are now waiting for the plasterer to come and sort out a patch of ceiling before we prepare the last bit for its final splash of colour.

So with this bit of “free” time I have sneaked away to update my neglected blog!

(Dad is busy in the garden, he can’t sit still or he’d fall asleep! Mum meanwhile has been baking up a storm in the kitchen to keep the hungry workers fed!)

I will post some pictures of my new improved boudoir once we are finished but it’s not the only room to have a lick of paint recently...

Our downstairs loo has been in dire need of a makeover for years. Brown walls and ceiling didn’t make it very appealing.

One Saturday I found a large tub of bright yellow paint under the stairs, we’d bought it in the sales years ago, as you do. Four or maybe five, coats later and my drab downstairs cloakroom was revitalised. 

A couple of knick knacks were gathered from around the house, a picture bought from the charity shop for £3 and voila – the littlest room in the house is transformed.

a bright and welcoming room!

candles and large vase taken from upstairs bathroom

bottles taken from kitchen

wreath made from wire coathanger and recycled material

Best of all – I did it ALL by myself including sanding down woodwork and washing out brushes, the jobs I used to leave to Andrew!

Dad also does those little jobs I'm too lazy to do and this latest project has been a different experience again. It's been a joy and a pleasure to share this special week working with my Dad and in the process create a space that is truely mine.


  1. Looks fab, love what you did with the coat hanger, any one would be happy to pay a visit to your littlest room in the house :)

    1. think I should change more than a penny a visit! hehehe