Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Confession of Mild Distraction

Let me get my breath back, I can’t believe I had to race here so quickly.  Even at one point driving on the kerb to get past a stationary car stopped at temporary traffic lights! I was turning left not overtaking I hasten to add.

I usually try so hard not be late – we did very well going to school this morning and actually managed to leave the house at 8.15 for the first time since September.  And that was despite not sitting down to breakfast until 8. 

Now at 5.25 I am sitting listening to my son in his piano lesson.  It should have started at 5.15.  We left the house at 5.13 for a journey that takes 7 minutes – you do the maths…

And what’s my excuse?   

What was my distraction?

Earlier this afternoon when I actually had a bit of free time I answered an email from one of my matches on eHarmony.  It all got a bit complicated and DEEP.  I left the reply hanging unsent while I picked the boys up from school.  That gave me chance to consider what I’d written and change it as necessary when I got home.

However I decided there was no harm in my direct and probing questions so I hit send. 
Only to be told I was logged out and my long message disappeared into the ether!

Perhaps a sign that I had over stepped the mark?

Determined to get a reply sent today I looked at the clock in the corner of the screen and set about typing quickly in the limited time available before going out to the piano lesson.   

Naturally the tone was lighter and the subject matter went off at a completely different tangent.  Probably a much better response all round.

When it was time to leave I called to youngest son at the same moment I pressed SEND once more.

“Get your shoes on and get your piano books.”

By the time I knew my message was sent and I got downstairs he was arguing with his brother.  Knowing we were late I literally grabbed his books and shoes and throw them in the car urging him to follow behind in his socks!

“Just get in!”  I shouted frantically.

I do hope this mystery man is worth it – on paper he looks good but he lives further away that I requested and I haven’t a clue how this might end. 

Will we ever meet?

Will he even reply to my last hastily scribbled missive?

It’s still early days and time will tell if he is THE ONE or just a mild distraction along the way.

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