Thursday, 12 January 2012

Holding out for a Hero

I have always been a girl to get carried away.  It doesn’t take a great deal for my imagination to run riot and I have been oh so easily distracted recently as regular readers will know.

However I came to the realisation late last night that the man I have been emailing on eHarmony is the not the one for me.

I had over embellished his personality to suit my own desires.

He is interested cars – my car knowledge comes from watching Top Gear and I am mostly interested in James May and what colour shirt he is wearing this week!

We are sadly not as compatible as I made out. I was just flattered by the male attention.

He did say he was a geek but after a little bit of time on google, looking up a band he used to play in, I found his own personal website and for want of a better word I found it a little dull.

I am a girl with lots of sparkle and as I texted a friend

“I want a man with Omph.”

“Zero miles per hour?  No you need Umph!”

I think I may have just learned the difference – I hope I wasn’t cruel in my last ever email to him!

Meanwhile Simon Mayo played Bonnie Tyler “Holding out for a Hero” to start his show last night.  We were sitting down to tea.

“Will you be my hero?” I asked youngest son.

“Yes, but not a superhero. I can’t fly and stuff.”  Was his matter-of-fact reply.

So while I wait for my knight with shining umph to ride into town at least I have a hero by my side.

What more can a girl ask for?

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  1. Goodness you are brave, several friends have suggested online dating agencies to me but I am far too much of a coward to try so well done you! xxx