Thursday, 26 January 2012

A dream of writing…

I don’t tend to write much about oldest son. He lives in his own self-contained little world of tennis, football and F1. He gives me little grief, generally gets on with his homework and our lives only really cross at mealtimes or occasionally when we sit and watch some good telly together.

At the same age, 15, my favourite TV programme was Fame.  Thursday night directly after Top of the Pops. I also lived in my own little world; mine consisted of legwarmers and leotards, dancesteps and stardom! 

My dreams and aspirations were varied, I wanted to be a singer or a dancer or an actress, depending on day of the week, but ultimately I wanted to be FAMOUS, name in lights and live forever. 

My talents in those areas are mixed and I’m hoping I’ve finally found my niche in the Arts as I concentrate on my writing.

My son has a similar a dream of writing. This was totally unexpected from the child who doesn’t read much and has never excelled in literacy and imagination. English was just another boring but necessary subject.

However he is not interested in fiction or poetry, his own writing takes the form of sports reports.  His dream is to have a career as a sports’ journalist travelling the world watching all his favourite sports.

For him it’s not about FAME but it is a passion to write about what he enjoys.

In temperament and ambition he reminds me of Bruno in Fame, dark curly hair and beautiful blue eyes…

… sorry you lost me there for a minute as I looked up a picture to add … 

For Bruno fame wasn’t important he just wanted his music to be heard, to be taken seriously as a composer.  Lee Curreri who played Bruno didn’t just look the part and pretend to play the piano he actually wrote some of the songs used in the TV series -talented and good looking!

Oldest son, plays a bit of football, plays tennis to a reasonable standard, even playing for our local men’s team and he has driven an F1 car (on the playstation) as well as doing a bit of karting. For 15 he has a good knowledge of the sports he likes and sees no reason why the BBC isn’t already hammering on the door to sign him up.

He has started his own blog(you can read it here) and is desperate to get noticed. We had quite a chat about it last night when it was really long past bed time (mine not his). He wants to write the perfect sports report NOW.

Like everything else nothing comes easy and it takes time, practice and patience.

“You want fame, well fame costs 
and right here is where you start paying 
in sweat.”

I can hear Lydia Grant even now as she tapped her dancing cane forcefully on the floor for full effect. 

It doesn’t have to be fame you are after, you can easily substitute the word “dreams”.

There’s another eighties film I love and frequently quote - Flashdance.

“If you give up your dreams you die.”

Dreams don’t always come true but that doesn’t mean they should be neglected. Someone’s dream is part of their identity, their DNA.  Real life often comes along and squashes them and sometimes the hurdles will look insurmountable but never give them up because I know from bitter experience a part of you really does fade away when you do.

So my message to you today, oldest son, is keep trying, keep writing, it may take a long time, just look at your mum, still here and still trying to make it after oh so many years.

And remember this - no one believes in you more than me, even when I criticise your sentence structure.

Love mum xx

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