Friday, 20 January 2012

Tweet Tweet

That’s another thing I can tick off on my new year’s resolutions list.  I have started tweeting.

Well I have opened a Twitter account, added a profile picture and I think I have managed to link it to my Facebook page. Aside from that I haven’t much of a clue – HELP!

I would really like a copy of Nicola Morgan’s book How to Tweet Write.  However it is only available as an eBook so that would necessitate buying a kindle – oh when will all this end? My head is beginning to spin in the whirl of social media gizmos and gadgets. More than a few generations of products have passed me by in the last year alone.

My phone is in desperate need of updating; even my friends are embarrassed by it.  There was a time when mobiles were getting smaller, now they seem to be expanding again, able to do more functions than my humble laptop!

On more familiar territory I have started a Facebook page specifically for re-ravelling so I can keep my private thoughts to myself and only share them with friends I actually know. 

It’s all too easy to find out about other people on the internet, which has its pros and cons. I’m prepared to share a lot with you but there must be a line drawn somewhere.

All of this is in aid of getting noticed, not me personally but my writing. I want to publish my thoughts on being a widow, showing there is a way through the devastating grief of losing your husband. OK my way may not be for everyone but I hope to show you can survive and live and laugh again.

Is this too grand a plan? Too fanciful a daydream?

In our culture of celebrity people want to be famous for being famous but I feel I really do have something to say.

This is me, trying to make something good from a tragedy.

Now that last sentence really does sound melodramatic, time to step down from the soapbox I think!

Instead I shall go and make my Twitter and Facebook pages inviting – I’m looking forward to lots of guests popping by…

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