Thursday, 5 January 2012

easily distracted

My intention was to write about my writing today.  The title was planned - “____ words” - blank to be filled in later as appropriate – I was certainly hoping for a decent 4 figure number.

The morning was extremely productive as I read through unravelling-edges making notes.  I have the structure of my proposed book sorted, taking tips from Stephanie Butland and the writing workshop I attended last November.  There is a beginning, middle and another beginning (my story has not yet ended and I’m leaving space for volume two - re-ravelling!) with planned chapter titles.

I felt like a proper writer, occasionally popping downstairs for another biscuit or cup of tea, some chocolate coins for inspiration, merrily scribbling away in my pyjamas.

Then I thought I’d better get dressed to eat my lunch.

I started watching a new DVD as I ate but was strong enough to switch that off to head back to the laptop full of resolve.

That’s when I got seriously distracted…

Not the normal, let’s check Facebook, have I got any emails, how are my blog stats today?

No this was full scale distraction and it started so innocently.

I have been tentatively looking at a free dating website.  I have worked out you can look at 9 pages of mini profiles with photos before you HAVE to register properly.   So far I’ve not seen anyone who really stood out, no one worthy of taking the next leap for.

Maybe another site would have the man of my dreams?

Ooooohhh look you can check your matches for free on this one – I’ve seen the adverts on the telly and they are kind of quirky, if I’ve remembered the right ad - not guarenteed.

I wonder what happens if…

Well curiosity got the better of me and half an hour later I was still answering the questionnaire.  Isn’t that a good sign that they want to know so much about you?

At one point I had to phone a friend – or rather text a few.

“What 4 words would your friends use to describe you?”

I got various answers back which had me giggling and blushing! 

There was a percentage counter in the corner of the page and I eventually reached the magic 100% complete - hurrah!

Then they told you how much it cost per month – oh the price of true love!

I felt slightly conned but still uploaded my picture, well after all this effort why not?

There were some profiles I could look at - was that a tiny spark of interest registering somewhere in my brain, my heart?  It wasn't hunger I'd had a big lunch on top of all that snacking earlier.

I was enticed by the promise of photos - if I paid now, but all my matches live miles away.

Is this a good idea?  I’m still tempted but going to sleep on it.

Although somehow I think I already know my answer ... but You'll have to come back tomorrow for the next instalment.


  1. oh Sarah I love you - what can I say? I remember the on line dating so well - if nothing else it gets the adrenalin juices flowing again 'fight, flight or even fall in love'! Remember it is a date, not a commitment to a long term relationship (yet).
    I kissed a few frogs then met my DW (a mere 3 years ago)......

  2. eab - love your comment and can't wait to catch up with you soon! x