Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Railway Clock

I’ve been pondering writing a poem over the last few days. 

Inspiration struck today as I replaced the battery in the clock in the hall. Not an easy task as it has to be unscrewed from the wall which means finding the correct screwdriver first.

The clock must have stopped sometime in November. As I recall it was not long after I had lifted it down from the wall to change it from BST to GMT - so annoying!

Refitting the battery has taken more than a few days, I had to find the right battery too, but I see it as an act of boldness, the clock may have stopped last November and my world may have appeared to end the November before but time moves on.

The clock, tick, ticking
Telling time
A minute - yours
An hour - mine

Your time has passed
No more tick, tock
The hands stopped
On your railway clock

The trains sit silent
On the tracks
Never coming back

The dust it settles
Still and soft
Laid out upon
Your precious loft

Rooms devoid
Of noise and laughter
No Happy Ever After

I wind the hands
Reset the time
Your minutes’ gone
What’s left is mine

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