Friday, 6 January 2012

Muddled Words and Wise Words

Have you ever read something so quickly you misread it, switching letters or even whole words round?  Did your version make far more sense than the words actually written down?

I read this yesterday on a blog that I can no longer find but thankfully I wrote it down!

“The secret to happiness is to do something.”

Actually the words were

“The secret to happiness is something to do.”

I much prefer my misquote … to do SOMETHING!

Now what could that SOMETHING be?

Maybe fill in a questionnaire on a dating website on a whim! 

Perhaps DO something more like sign up properly.

Well I would but today the eHarmony site seems to have crashed so I can’t even look at my matches – two of whom want to know more about me!  Ego boost of the highest order.

So yes I have decided to take the plunge while I’m feeling positive and expectant of all the good things 2012 has to offer.

What finally tipped the scales was something I read yesterday about regret.  Hopefully I read it in the right order - it made good sense!  It was a link posted by Stephanie on her blog, another blog she had found about palliative care and the regrets people in the last weeks of their live have.  You can read it here too.

I don’t want to regret not taking this chance.  At the end of the year I don’t want to say I wish I had been braver and given it a go.

My Nana uttered her own wise words on the subject over the Christmas holidays.

“If you don’t do it now – you’ll be too old.”

She was married to my Grandad for over 40 years and when he died she found love again so she knows exactly what she’s talking about.

If I don’t do this now, even if I’m not TOO old I might be more set in my ways, less likely to want the disruption and upheaval a new relationship may cause.  I am under no illusion that happily ever after ever comes easily.

I am set for more hurdles to face, more tripping hazards to negotiate - but bring it on – I’m a girl on a mission, looking for love!

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  1. Yay - go for it!!! My friend met someone after her divorce through eHarmony - and it was the first date she went on. They are now engaged and getting married later this year...
    Whatever happens, you're right - people always regret things they didn't do, rather than things they did!