Sunday, 22 January 2012

Twin Your Toilet Today!

I’ve been struggling with what to write today.

You see I’ve set the bar pretty high now both with quantity and hopefully quality of writing.

Blogging has become an enjoyable daily habit. Besides if I miss a day my stats drop dramatically and I begin to fear no one loves me – go read yesterday’s blog!

On the quality side of things I wrote the other day that “I feel I really do have something to say”.

But do you really want to hear about the stitches in my bum and how because I can’t get them wet I had to stick my head over the bath to wash my hair? 

Last time I had to conduct my ablutions in this manner was when I had my wrist in plaster and Andrew kindly washed my hair for me. I have some wonderful memories of those times that I think I’ll keep to myself and not share.

Or would you like to hear about how painful it still is for me to sit down, especially sitting on the loo where my scar just catches the rim of the seat – ouch!

Too much information? Yes I think so too.

However my own aggravation pales when you remember how fortunate we are to have fresh clean water supplied directly from the tap and deliciously warm water flowing from the shower daily. We take so much for granted until we have some kind of inconvenience to deal with. Then we pause and sometimes even take the time to think a bit.

40% of the world’s population are without a clean and safe place to go to the loo and every day 5000 children under 5 die from diseases caused by dirty water.

Those frightening stats come from a website about “toilet twinning”.  The idea is a simple one working in much the same way as towns are sometimes twinned with one another.

For £60 you twin your toilet, at home, work or school with one in Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo or Cambodia.  Tearfund and Cord will use the money raised to help provide access to better sanitation, clean water and hygiene education.
Once you’ve made a donation you receive a framed certificate of the latrine your toilet has been twinned with, along with its GPS coordinates so you can even look it up on Google maps!

Our new church hall has 7 bright and shiny purpose built flushing loos – or will have when they are installed and fitted. We are now raising money to twin them all.

Hopefully the certificates and photos will serve as a reminder of just how blessed we are and how much we have to be thankful for.

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  1. So glad to get this info on the toilet twinning. Well done you.
    Get well soon you poor baby with the sore bottom. Would not have wished it on you at all.
    love and hugs
    Siobhan xxxx