Friday, 27 January 2012

Eeyore vs Pooh - round 2

I woke this morning with an Eeyore head on – not literally obviously – but I was in a definitely grumpy mood.

The boys left for school and I was still in my pyjamas feeling very sorry for myself.

You remember last week I bravely went and had that lump removed? (read OUCH!!!!) Well yesterday I was supposed to have the stitches out.

“I think we’ll leave them until Monday.” Said the nurse on examination, “The outside ones look OK but if I take them out now the inside one looks like it might pop.”

Too much information, the thought is just too graphic and makes me shudder.

“So I still can’t have a shower or a bath?”

“No, sorry.”

She didn't seem unduly worried about the state of things but it's no wonder I woke in a bad mood. I feel smelly and yucky, especially as I have done a couple of exercise classes this week as part of the “new-year -new-me” plan.  Maybe I had stretched too much and the scar hasn’t had chance to heal? 

(Not to self – have a restful day!)

“Just have a shower.” Advocated my rebellious best friend. 
She had a C section and was positively encouraged to bathe particularly with an expensive brand of bubble bath that contains healing ingredients. I bought a bottle of this green fresh fragranced miracle lotion yesterday in preparation.

So why is my nurse so adamant I can’t get my stitches wet? Risk of infection. Is there NO risk to a C section scar? I don’t understand and if anyone from the medical profession can enlighten me please do.

My mood turned blacker when I listened to the radio.

Severe Siberian winter weather is heading our way for the next 4 weeks.  Typical, it’s my birthday in a fortnight and my parents have promised to visit “if we don’t get snow”.

Here’s a very apt  Eeyore quote for the day

Expect the Worst
Even if someone remembers to come to your birthday party,
they will almost certainly eat your present on the way or break it!

I could have curled up under the duvet for the day quite happily sulking.

But I want to be more positive and cheerful (read eliminate the negative) so this is what I did…

My mother-in-law who has all manner of medical supplies for her own ailments gave me some adhesive dressings I could cover my wound with. I’d not actually used them but on closer inspection they proclaimed to be “water repellent” – aha!

If I just stuck one on I could probably get away with a quick shower and hair wash without getting too soggy.

It wasn’t the best shower ever but for the first time in a week I feel CLEAN and on top of the world.

Best of all it worked perfectly, the stitches stayed completely dry and I have enough dressings to see my through until Monday.

So Eeyore you can take a hike with your doom and gloom here's what Winnie the Pooh has to say for the day.

If the string breaks try another piece of string


You never know when a piece of string might be Useful

Think that’s another round to Pooh!

Have a Happy Friday!

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