Thursday, 19 January 2012


Well I’ve been putting it off for a long time but today was the day when I finally had a small lump removed from my leg. It was just below my left bum cheek to be precise so I am sitting rather lopsidedly as I type!

It appeared a couple of years ago and I ignored it for as long as I could.

Three out of the four GPs at our practice had examined it, all declaring it was nothing suspicious but easily removed.

Just knowing it wasn’t – oh let’s just say it – cancer or anything “nasty” was a huge relief. I am now a lone parent and the mere thought of having something seriously wrong with me fills me with fear for the boys’ future. They have lost one parent already so I have even more reason for needing to be fighting fit.

All that was required was a little bit of courage. I have to close my eyes it I watch Casualty – too much blood and gore and that’s not even real. Nursing was never a profession I aspired to.

There was an appointment available in November – too close to the anniversary – sorry can’t make it.

The next month went by and I was offered a slot in December – I had a brilliant excuse, Christmas and we were away!

Well I finally ran out of excuses and had to face my fears.

The GP had a glint in his eye as I arrived – he’s that sort of character but his manner does put you at ease and I was able to laugh and joke my way through the procedure.

He had to take a bit of skin away too which would leave my lower left buttock more taut and firm.  What with that and the soft breast tissue I discovered I possessed at last week’s examination I joked I had plenty of plus points to add to my on-line dating profile.

“You know I’m not really THAT sort of girl?”

He assured me that if I was there would be no laughing about it. Phew - I don't want them getting the wrong idea.

Less than 15 minutes and the lump, a lipoma (?) and may I also add it was bigger that it first appeared, was out. 
(I looked up Lipoma and it is made of Adipose tissue - it didn't look like this though!)

Ten stitches later I was “done”.

"What sort of pain relief should I take?"

The GP said I wouldn’t need much because I wasn’t a whinger.

Well what good does it do you to always complain? 

With a smile on my face at his compliment and trying to walk tall I left the treatment room to make an appointment for next week to have the stitches removed.

Ok, so I may not whinge, I’m thankful for my health and oh so many blessings beside.

But TEN stitches – all sympathy gratefully appreciated!


  1. Well done Sarah scary when you find a lump or similar. I have had several tests over the last few years all of which have turned out to be negative or benign, thank goodness!

  2. The stitches must have been tiny ones darling. Such braveness! I am in awe of you. I am sending you get well wishes from the very bottom of my heart. Sorry but you know me can't resist a bum pun when it comes to a chum. Take care. Who is dressing the wound?