Monday, 30 January 2012

Frogs for Breakfast

“You must remember to eat your frogs first.” Declared my friend one day.

Now I’ve heard of “kissing frogs” and them turning into a handsome princes. Was my friend offering some kind of dating advice?

“No it means you have to do the jobs you hate first and get them out of the way.”

“Like my filing?”


AH yes number 4 on my new year’s resolutions list. Sort out my paperwork and filing.

Everyone laughed at the idea; it was the least likely item on the list to be achieved. And so it has proved to be but now we are near the end of the month I decided the time had come to “eat my frogs”.

There was a box of paperwork I had hidden tidied away around Christmas time that I was determined to tackle today. 

I pulled it out from under the desk and set it down in the middle of the dining room table – perhaps a cup of tea was in order first?

OK so I did make some excuses along the way but I had given up my Monday morning walk to get this done and I was unwilling to admit defeat and have my friends laugh at me next week. Mind you with the snow swirling today I was so glad of being in the warm for a change.

It took some time, I got distracted once or twice but I did reach the bottom of the box. I filled half a bin bag with rubbish and accumulated a mound of paper to be recycled.

Important papers were distributed into separate piles all around the box ready to be filed, bank statement together, phone bills separated from gas and electric bills and a stack of indiscriminate papers I want to keep that still need final sorting, maybe later.

The oldest bill I discovered was dated September 2011 and I confess in shame there were some envelopes I’d not even opened!

Once I could see the bottom of the box I removed it which at least left one clear spot on the now cluttered table.

Progress? Well a small step forward but I guess I’ll be eating frogs for breakfast for the rest of the week!

Here are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Frog! Did find a picture of a man eating a frog but it was too disgusting to add to my blog!!

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  1. Glad to see procrastination is alive and well! xx