Tuesday, 24 January 2012

This Week’s Quest

I am feeling really sleepy today. I think it must be the after effects of all the exercise I did yesterday.

Not only did I partake of my usual walk with friends in the morning (we saw 3 deer, 2 peacocks, 1 peahen and 2 pheasants – a new wildlife record) but I went to a ballroom exercise class in the evening.

By then my brain wasn’t working properly and I couldn’t pick up the steps but there was lots of giggling and jiggling as we tried to jive.

Because I have now ditched number 5 on my New Year’s Resolutions list (on-line dating) I am moving swiftly onto number 6 (get more exercise).

As it says in Winnie the Pooh’s little book of Wisdom, “A bear however hard he tries, grows tubby without exercise.”

I have put on over half a stone since Andrew died, can’t put it all down to too many chocolates over Christmas. A good friend always warned me about weight gain after 40 and I want it to stop right now.

(Although maybe I could blame my thyroid – make a note, get it checked again.)

I had to laugh yesterday when this appeared on my friend’s facebook page.

Its put’s everything into perspective.

Finding a new man is on the backburner for now. On-line dating is certainly not for me, for now.  Although what are the chances that Mr Wonderful will drop into my email inbox the day before my shortened subscription ends meaning I will desperately have to renew it?

For my own health and wellbeing I am on a quest to sculpt myself into the "perfect" woman, preferably without cutting too many yummy calories. Every Monday morning walk ends with a scone - it's practically the law.

That’s this week’s plan at any rate – let’s see how long this bright idea lasts. ;-)

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