Saturday, 14 January 2012

Sleeping Partners

Last night, as seems to happen more and more, I had another little body in my bed. 

The slightest hint of an upset and youngest son picks up his pillow and soft toys and lies down on his dad’s side of the bed.

It still is very much Andrew’s side and it’s rare I stretch out from my own cosy corner. 
We have a super king size bed, two single mattresses zipped together. So that’s one mattress each with a definitive dividing line down the middle.

At Christmas we stayed with my parents, so did my Nana. On Christmas night my brother and his 3 year old son slept over too.

Bed space was at a premium. I had already been given the guest room with double bed, en suite, mum’s laptop and newly acquired, especially for Christmas viewing, TV. No one was evicting me from my luxurious bolt hole!

Mum assured me I wouldn’t have to give up my bed but…

“I’m going to put Nana in with you.”

“OK” I said with a little trepidation.

Andrew and I always struggled with sharing this bed; it was so much smaller than the grand one at home. He would always take up at least two thirds leaving me clinging to the edge. There was no slight bump in the centre to let him know he had strayed onto my territory. We never slept well in it together – well at least I never did.

Now my nana is eighty four and often gets up several times in the night – so I never expected a restful sleep.

She retired before me and when I finally said goodnight my Mum asked me to check Nana had switched off the electric blanket.

I was so sleepy that by the time I had brushed my teeth, written my diary and got into bed I completely forgot.  That is until 3 a.m. when I suddenly woke up.

Nana was beside me lying still and quiet. I had no recollection of her waking at all – unusual – I thought.

Now at 3 a.m. all sorts of rubbish goes round your head mixed up with all the sensible stuff.

I suddenly remembered the electric blanket!

As far as I was aware Nana hadn’t moved all night.

I listened but couldn’t hear her breathing.

What if I’d over cooked my Nana???

Still more pressing was the need for a wee, after which I reasoned, with my 3 a.m. head on, I would be able to assess the situation rationally.

By the light of the en suite I checked the blanket was off.

Thankfully it was.   

Then Nana breathed and softly stirred in her sleep.


Another middle of the night crisis averted.

It may be lovely to have someone close at hand to snuggle next to and I very much enjoyed my cuddle this morning with youngest son but there are times when I am very glad I have a whole big bed to myself!

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  1. Sarah, I really enjoyed reading this and it made me larf out loud! I'm so glad you didn't over cook your Nana!! xxxx